How to Tram A Vertical Knee Mill in Minutes!

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I took a machinist course and had the good fortune of receiving my instruction from a truly competent man. He had worked in industry where huge machines were the order of the day (Like a VTL {Vertical Turret Lathe} so large that a man could walk across the chuck). These large machines required special methods to true them, and one of these methods translates well to knee mills.

The traditional method to tram a knee mill is to sweep the table, where you put an indicator on the quill and measure the difference on one side of the axis you are truing and comparing it to the other side. This works, but is cumbersome and time consuming. You guess at how much to move the head to get it true, and this means you must repeat it several times as you get closer to true.

I can tram a Bridgeport, in both directions, before most people can set up to sweep the table!

My method is slightly different than what I was taught. I removed all the non-essential steps and made it simpler. You still use an indicator, but you know exactly how far to move the head, and read the indicator as you move it. This means you get it right the first time!

The instructions are short and easy to understand. There is no long learning curve. After you do this three of four times it will be second nature and you will tram both directions in less than five minutes! If your boss sees you do it, he will not believe you can true the machine that fast! You may have to take a facing cut with a jug cutter so he can see the back-sweep of the tool marks. 

How to Tram A Vertical Knee Mill in Minutes! 

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