Ceramic Blanket Electric Foundry
Part 2, reassembly!

September 26, 2011

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Now lets put this thing back together.

I cut the sides along the ribs. Mistake! The can was tapered. I had trouble getting it large enough at the bottom.

The old bottom was very thin and rusty. I tried to use it anyway. I marked it for the outer diameter and the radial cut limits.

I trimmed it to diameter and made the radial cuts on the bandsaw. Much easier than with snips!

I hammered the tabs down using the saw vise as an anvil...

...and finished bending them to 90 degrees.


It was not to be. Not only was the old bottom too frail, but I cut it too small! A quick trip to Lowe's and I bought a flat piece of  galvanized ducting that is intended to lay between joists.

Same technique as before...

...and a quick test fit.

More hammering to reduce the diameter for an inside fit and a handful of sheet metal screws makes it permanent.

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