Ingot from Budget Casting Supply.

Ron Thompson


I asked on Castinghobby if anyone knew of a supplier for A-356 ingot. Robert Clark reminded me that Budget Casting Supply carries it.

I looked at their web site, and sure enough, a 17 pound ingot (approx weight) could be had for $3.15 US, delivered. That is a total of $53.55.

I ordered one very late on 11-5-2010 (a Friday night) and paid via Paypal. It arrived today, 11-15-2010. via UPS Ground.

The package was larger than I expected. It was well wrapped in plastic bags and padded with Styrofoam. Don't want that ingot to get scratched or dented before I melt it!

It seems their current supplier has a smaller ingot. So they added a chunk to make it up. Yes, that is an aluminum flask to the right.

The ingot is marked 15# and weighted 14.99 on my scale. Awesome!

The total order weighed 16.82 pounds. (Yes it is clearing the junk!) Not too shabby for an approximate weight. 

If I need ingot in the future, I would buy from them again.