Responses from past customers.

HI Ron,

got the CD today. It's worth it's weight in gold.  

Thanks again Adam

I received it yesterday. Just a quick look after I got home.All I have tosay is WOW! Will be spending today looking at the CD's.Thanks again! Mike T.

Hi Ron
Got the CD’s today; THANKS for the quick service! Hope others order them also; a wealth of info here!
It’s a goldmine of info!
Thanks again.

Would you please send one each of CD 1, CD 2 & CD 8 to the following.
KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. More on similar topic would be welcomed.

James ME Wallbridge
Calgary, AB, T3E 1R7
You did it fine. Thanks!

A couple hours ago the mailman delivered my copy of Ron's Wood Pattern
Making CD. It looks to be an interesting textbook on the subject. Being new
to casting (I have yet to pour my first blob!) I intend to work my way
through the whole thing as religiously as possible.

The part that's relevant to this post is that it has three chapters on
casting gears. It includes details like how to correctly shape the teeth,
building up the rim, and shaping spokes. Neat stuff (IMHO)!

Ron, you came up with another gem. Thanks!

Kurt Schweitzer

Hi Ron,
I got the CDs last week and finally got a chance to look at them. They work fine on my Mac and I have no trouble viewing the jpg and pdf files.
I haven't had a chance to actually sit down and read what's on them, but it looks interesting at first glance.
I appreciate your help and quick shipping.

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