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My Machines and Other Junk

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Monarch Lathe A little about my big old metal lathe.

Nichols Horizontal "hand" Milling Machine Mostly photos.

Homemade Propane Fired Foundry

Today's Melt 8-12-02 My first mold using my new K-Bond molding sand.

Today's Melt 8-14-02 BRONZE! I melted bronze in my 'Quick and Dirty' brickpile furnace (with a few modifications). Read all about it.

My burner specs 8-19-02 A while back someone asked me to measure the burner on my 160,000 BTU King Kooker.

It was a Great day! New friends in our local area! And a report on a fantastic scratch built gasoline engine one of them is building.

My First Lost Foam Casting 7-20-03 Making a tailstock casting the easy way.

Another Lesson I Learned in Casting 11-24-03 Thin section casting. Make it thicker or pour it hotter!

Old Steam Engines in Titusville, Florida, USA One man's junk...

My CNC Adventures, The journy begins...2-14-04 Modifying an old Sherline mill. Dremel mount, etc.

The New Portable Shop A homemade steel shed on a trailer with my machine shop inside.

Surprise Lost Foam Casting! Guard Your Sand...

One Sheet Molding Bench Tired of stooping over that wheel barrow? One sheet of plywood, 5 2X4s and some screws.

Melting aluminum with diesel fuel. Seems cheaper and hotter than propane! A jumping off step to waste motor oil, I hope.

The beginnings of a waste oil fired foundry  Some things I learned about gun style oil burners.

Unaltered Becket home heating burner as a foundry furnace burner. Gun style home heating burner melts aluminum without any modifications burning old diesel fuel! Seems hot enough to melt iron.

The new CNC Router Page. Including projects. Started 5-5-2010

Hacking a mouse for parts. 5-8-2010

Controlling Household Electricity With an Arduino. 5-8-2010

How to Slave an Axis in Mach3 Mill 5-14-2010

Making Gussets for the CNC Router Using the CNC Router. 5-19-2010 CNC and lost foam!

Making Gussets for the CNC Router,  Using a Wood Pattern. 6-16-2010

A-356 Aluminum ingot order. 11-15-2010  The unwrapping!

One Sheet Molding Bench Build 11-18-2010

Low Pressure Natural Gas Burner Success 12/22/2010

100 foot Hose Natural Gas Burner Success  1/8/2011

Single point gear cutter  1/15/2011  Fits the ER-16 spindle of my new Taig CNC mill.

Single point gear cutter in use!  1/16/2011

New to me Enco 9x20 lathe. 3/31/2011  I hope this will make a good CNC project!

New to me bandsaw. 5-26-2011  Turn Pro, 7x12 bandsaw.

Quick vise alignment. 1-15-2011 How to eyeball a vise on a mill table.

An Improvised Square. 5-30-2011 From nothing to 90 degrees.

A Modified Unimat Indexer. 8-22-2011 Making a rotary table to the size of a Unimat inder and to use the same accessories.

Recycled Project Box. 8-29-2011 Recycle a metal box for your electronics project.

Mini-itx computer for CNC. 9-14-2011 Small dual core computer fits on the back of the monitor.

Remote Alert for CNC. 9-16-2011 Wireless remote alarm for your CNC machines.

Ceramic Blanket electric foundry, part 1. 9-26-2011 Lightweight electric foundry, part 1. Cutting down a galvanized garbage can.

Ceramic Blanket electric foundry, part 2. 9-26-2011 Lightweight electric foundry, part 2. Putting it back together.

Xbox 360 Controller as Mach3 CNC Pendant. 9-27-2011 USB convenience.

Mach3 CNC Pendant. 9-27-2011 USB convenience with button labels.

Loading Windows from a Thumb Drive.  10-2-2011 A faster way to load Windows, and no optical drive needed.

Prusa Mendel 3D Printer Build page 1. 

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Prusa Mendel 2012. A new design.

Vacuum former thoughts. A project that makes use of a cnc router.

My new mill for CNC Conversion Charter Oaks Automation 12Z Milling Machine. 2/20/2014

My new mill for CNC Conversion 2 Charter Oaks Automation 12Z Milling Machine updat. 3/29/2015

My new mill for CNC Conversion 3 Charter Oaks Automation 12Z Milling Machine updat. 4/05/2015

New to me Mazak QT8 Moving my new to me CNC lathe on my new to me trailer. 9/27/2016

Mazak QT8 CRT Monitor Replacement with LCD My CRT died. I was able to replace it with an LCD by using a converter.

Taig Turn 2000 CNC Lathe 
My new 4029CR computer ready lathe is on order. this has some info on the Consew Brushless DC Servo motor I intend to power it with.

The new lathe has arrived. Not really an unboxing, but plenty of photos of the machine and some older Taig stuff.

Other "Stuff"

Some Thoughts on Scrounging

A Portable Lifting Frame Made From Pipe

Pulleys are no big deal to make

New server with great photos of a foundry day at Zube Park in Houston, TX.. Be sure to see the Laser Man! Stainless steel guy cut on a laser....

The neighborly thing to do...

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